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Weevil Course 2014 – Running Notes


A running post with links to literature and on-line resources, presentations, identification support, and other information accompanying The Weevil Course 2014 (second installment) held from August 05-13 at the Southwestern Research Station in Portal, Arizona. Course related photos are posted on Flickr here.

1. Links to key course/identification resources

2. Miscellaneous course presentations

3. Sequence of lab sessions

  • Non-Curculionid Curculionoids – Suggested taxa for practicing the keys (initial practices with Brentus, Rhynchites) (VIII-06-2014)
    • Nemonychidae: Cimberis
    • Anthribidae: Euparius, Piesocorynus, Toxonotus
    • Belidae: Rhopalotria
    • Attelabidae: Eugnamptus, Pterocolus
    • Brentidae: Apion (…), Cylas
    • Ithyceridae: Ithycerus
  • Curculionid Subfamilies – Late afternoon session (VIII-07-2014)
    • Baridinae, Conoderinae, Curculioninae, Entiminae
    • Ceutorhynchinae, Cossoninae, Cryptorhynchinae, Dryophthorinae, Lixinae, Molytinae, Ramondionyminae
    • Subfamily practice, I: Curculioninae (VIII-07-2014)
    • Morning collecting trip to Barfoot Park, Rustler Park, and Onion Saddle (Coronado National Forest) (VIII-08-2014)
    • Subfamily practice, II: Baridinae
    • Night collection trip, returning to Onion Saddle.
    • Subfamily practice, III: Scolytinae (VIII-09-2014)
    • Afternoon session – leaf litter weevils and open lab time
    • Subfamily practice, IV: Entiminae (VIII-10-2014)
    • Subfamily practice, V: Cossoninae (VIII-11-2014)
    • Subfamily practice, VI: Cryptorhynchinae
    • Subfamily practice, VII: Molytinae (VIII-12-2014)
    • Subfamily practice, VIII: Ceutorhynchinae
    • End of course

4. Collecting sites – locality information

  • “Barfoot Park” – USA, Arizona, Cochise County, Coronado National Forest, Barfoot Park, 31.917337, -109.279324
  • “Onion Saddle” – USA, Arizona, Cochise County, Coronado National Forest, Onion Saddle, 31.933466, -109.263395
  • “Rustler Park” – USA, Arizona, Cochise County, Coronado National Forest, Rustler Park, 31.905730, -109.278572
  • “Southwestern Research Station” – USA, Arizona, Cochise County, Coronado National Forest, Southwestern Research Station, 31.883620, -109.205779

5. Effective identification strategies (during the Course, and beyond)

  • Work through the couplets carefully, reading/interpreting all statements jointly
  • Utilize the reference collection to understand key couplets (specimens displaying the constrasting features)
  • Use the instructors as a constant resource for questioning, clarification, repetition
  • If you think you are close, consider also BugGuide, WoNA to check
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