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Weekly reading: Next-generation sequencing platforms

…and now onto something completely different; or maybe not? We have completed the Spring 2014 circle of papers on characters, coding, homology, and philosophical implications. Here is the list again for review:

  1. Pimentel & Riggins. 1987. Nature of cladistic data.
  2. Strong & Lipscomb. 1999. Coding inapplicables.
  3. Rieppel. 2007. Performance of morphological characters.
  4. Brady. 1985. Independence of systematics.
  5. Putnam. 1974. Corroboration of theories.
  6. “Cladistics by hand”.
  7. Introducing DELTA.
  8. Character types and coding methods.
  9. Missing values, inapplicables, polymorphisms.
  10. Wheeler. 2006. Dynamic homology and likelihood.
  11. Ramírez. 2007. Dynamic homology and morphology.
  12. Japyassú & Machado. 2010. Dynamic homology without parsimony.
  13. Ramírez & Michalik. 2014. Structural complexity in ancestral ontologies.

Also recall this post on “worthwhile reads”.

For the summer session, we will pivot to Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS). Starting with a recent, technical review of NGS methods.

Mardis, E.R. 2013. Next-Generation Sequencing platforms. Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry 6: 287-303. Available here.

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