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Weekly reading: Kumar et al. on Statistics and Truth in Phylogenomics

It seems as though we are moving on in the Weekly Discussion series from NextGen (a.k.a. massively parallel) sequencing methods to (possibly more entertaining) “what it all means” themes. Last week Lemmon et al. 2012 was appreciated as one of the most promising NextGen approaches for systematics; however we concluded that while the presentation was very impressive, the crustacean use case chosen to illustrate the method’s unique resolution strengths was not challenging enough.

Hence, up this week: statistics and truth. It is not statistics or truth, though if it were then I would prefer the latter.

Kumar, S., A.J. Filipski, F.U. Battistuzzi, S.L. Kosakovsky Pond & K. Tamura. 2012. Statistics and truth in phylogenomics. Molecular Biology and Evolution 29: 457-472. Available on-line here.

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