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Usmaan Basharat and Zhen Geng receive SOLUR researcher awards

In this year’s competition, Franz Lab undergraduate students Usmaan Basharat and Zhen Geng have received the 2014-1015 SOLUR Researcher Awards. Both students are conducting research on the molecular aspects of the Neotropical entimine weevil project, in close coordination with postdoc Guanyang Zhang.

Usmaan’s SOLUR project will continue and expand his involvement in studying the molecular phylogenetic and biogeographic relationships among Cuban broad-nosed weevils. He previously received a SOLUR Apprentice Grant for his research in our lab.

Zhen’s SOLUR project will focus on producing new insights into the identity and diversity of bacterial endosymbionts in weevils. Zhen will receive extensive training in molecular methods and analytical techniques while interacting with postdoctoral researchers in the Franz and Cadillo labs.

Congratulations to both Usmaan and Zhen, and to Guanyang for his successful mentorship!

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