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TDWG 2013 in review


TDWG 2013 in Florence, Italy, has ended, and it was a great meeting at a gorgeous location. Shown on the photo (left to right): Hilmar Lapp of Phenoscape (NESCent), Mark Schildhauer of NCEAS, and Cynthia Parr of EOL. Our group presented 5 talks and chaired the “Formal Models” section of the Semantics for Biodiversity Symposium. Talks presented by Nico Franz are here; and some impressions from the Conference are posted here. There will be a guest edited Special Issue of the Semantic Web Journal with select papers given at the Symposium. Biodiversity informatics is a truly global discipline, and one of the interesting subcontexts of attending a TDWG meeting is to understand how different regions and initiatives around the world aim for creating a sustained, useful, modern informatics infrastructure for biodiversity data at both local and global scales.

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