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ETC-Euler Taxonomic Concept Alignment Demonstration Video – Minyomerus 2015 versus Minyomerus 1982

This 8-minute screenshot video, produced in late April, 2015, demonstrates the interaction of the Exploring Taxonomic Concepts (ETC) and Euler/X software tools.

The ETC team has built a highly useful and effective front-end web service to the Euler/X reasoning services, allowing users to import two concept taxonomies through an on-line file management system, provide articulations, run input visualizations, obtain logically consistent alignments, and extract these products from the web interface to the desktop. The underlying ideas and methods are explained in Franz et al. (2015).

The capabilities of the user interface are illustrated with the Minyomerus use case, aligning two classifications authored in 2015 and 1982, respectively.

ETC Euler Taxonomic Concept Alignment Demonstration – Minyomerus 2015 versus 1982 from taxonbytes on Vimeo.

Euler/X toolkit demonstration video – July 2014

I screen-recorded a 7:35 minute video demonstrating the current (July 2014), basic functionality of the Euler/X toolkit for aligning multiple taxonomies (see: Concept Taxonomy). The video is up on Vimeo.

Euler/X toolkit demonstration – July 2014 from taxonbytes on Vimeo.

Abstract. The Euler/X toolkit ( takes in two input taxonomies, a set of concept-to-concept articulations, and additional logic constraints to assess their logical consistency, infer the set of maximally informative relationships among the input concepts, and visualize a merge taxonomy. The basic functionality of the toolkit is shown based on a use case of aligning two alternative concept phylogenies of the weevil genus Perelleschus sec. 2001/2013. More information is available at

Video: Biting bed bug in the lab

Video taken in preparation for an outreach event at the Arizona Museum for Youth.

Bed Bug Feeding, Clip 1, X-23-2013 from taxonbytes on Vimeo.

ASU Herbarium videos on SEINet and OCR based digitization

Via ASU’s Herbarium curator Les Landrum:

  1. A vimeo website maintained by the Herbarium with several instructional videos on how to process “skeletal” herbarium sheet records in SEINet using optical character recognition (OCR) and SALIX (Semi-Automatic Label Information eXtraction System) technology.
  2. A related paper: Barber, A., D. Lafferty & L.R. Landrum. 2013. The SALIX Method: A semi-automated workflow for herbarium specimen digitization. Taxon 62: 581-590. Available (subscription) here.