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Weekly reading: Page (1988) on assumptions 0, 1, 2

Today we read Page (1988): Quantitative Cladistic Biogeography: Constructing and Comparing Area Cladograms. In this paper, the author presented algorithms that implement Assumptions 1 and 2 previously proposed by Nelson and Platnick (1981).  Together with Assumption 0 (Zandee, 1987), these so-called ‘assumptions’ are used to resolve fundamental/individual area cladograms involving missing taxa, widespread taxa, and redundant distributions. They provide different sets of solutions for a given taxon-area cladogram with such conflicts, with Assumption 0 typically yielding the least and Assumption 2 the most area cladograms.

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Article digest: rotational scanning electron micrographs

Two recent papers by Akkari et al. and Cheung et al. describe and showcase a cool method of creating 3D rotational SEM images (see “Articles” below).

In this method, the authors mounted insect and millipede samples on a rotating platform inside a SEM machine and took a series of snapshots at an incremental angle. Then these snapshots were put together to create 3D flash images using Adobe Flash. The 3D flash images can be embedded in a PDF, allowing readers to access the 3-dimensional structural details of a sample.

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