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Weekly reading: Maps between trees of genes, organisms, and areas

This week we will read one of the introductory paper’s for Roderic Page’s Component 2.0 software program: Page, R.D.M. 1994. Maps between trees and cladistic analysis of historical associations among genes, organisms, and areas. Systematic Biology 43: 58-77.

Weekly reading: Quantitative cladistic biogeography – area cladograms

Ronquist (1997) is a “classic” at this point (though see RASP), but one can reach further back in time with quantitative biogeographic methods (read: computer programs). Though not much further than this: R.D.M. Page (1988) – Quantitative cladistic biogeography: Constructing and comparing area cladograms. Systematic Zoology 37: 254-270. Our reading for this week’s discussion. Link to JSTOR.

Weekly reading: Dispersal-vicariance analysis

Last week’s paper on parametric biogeography methods by Ronquist & Sanmartín (2012) was densely written and programmatic as much as it was a review. It presents and assumes a fair amount of prior understanding. In subsequent weekly discussions we will trace back and understand the different models and methods covered by these leading authors. The general theme is event-based methods in biogeography. Likely a good place to start retracing the development of this field is Ronquist (1997): Dispersal-vicariance analysis: a new approach to the quantification of historical biogeography. This will be our reading paper for next week.

Weekly reading: Phylogenetic methods in biogeography

Our upcoming weekly discussion will cover this article by Ronquist & Sanmartín (2011) – – dealing with event based methods and parametric biogeography.