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ASUHIC Night of the Open Door – 2014

On the evening of March 1st, 2014, the Franz Lab and Hasbrouck Insect Collection team participated in ASU’s annual Night of the Open Door Event. We created close to 1500 sq. ft. of space with diverse themes, stations, apps, and activities for insect and invertebrate enthusiasts of all ages. Live bedbugs,  hissing cockroaches, insect origami, Arium3D’s “Beyond a Bug in a Box”, land and marine shells, bees, true bugs, cameras and microscopes, a giant Jerusalem cricket, and much more.

As in the previous year, the event attracted well over 1,000 visitors and was an amazing success (in spite of rare and strong Arizona spring rains). Special thanks to Andrea, Annette, Catherine, Dale, Danica,  Guanyang, Michael (L.), Michael (S.), Sarah, Zhen, and of course Melody and Sangmi for making it all happen. See more photos of the event here.

This was likely the last outing of this kind in the Life Sciences W Wing. Next year we hope to celebrate the Night of the Open Door activities at our newly renovated location at Alameda Drive.

SCAN presentation at the 2014 iDigBio Education and Outreach Workshop by Melody Basham


Here are slides for the “SCAN: Moving Beyond the K-12 Paradigm” presentation, given by Melody Basham at the 2014 iDigbio Education & Outreach Workshop.

SCAN Education and Outreach Presentation

InsectARium: Seeking Learning App Evaluators


If you have access to or own an iPad, iPhone, Android, or tablet, then you can be a learning app evaluator! Go here for more information on how you can help.

Or utilize the quick links to the Insectarium DEMO Instructions and Survey.

Update – November 2013 – Planning and construction of the Alameda Biocollections and Biodiversity Informatics Complex

Nearly two years ago plans were initiated to consolidate all nine School of Life Sciences Natural History Collections into a newly designed, physically coherent space. We expect this space – called “ABBIC” (see post title) – to be ready for move-in in January/February of 2014. In addition to unifying the collections and associated people and activities, the new space nearly doubles the joint collections’ current area of occupancy on the Tempe Campus. It also offers several shared spaces to further develop our collections-centered teaching, informatics, and outreach programs. The SoLS collections group is therefore looking at an eventful 2013/2014 transition, partly documented here.

A map overview of the arrangement and role of ABBIC spaces is available here. (Note: the colored schema is actually not the latest version; for a more technical, up to date blueprint, see this.) ABBIC is located at 734 W Alameda Drive (Tempe). More updates soon.

Museum event premieres the artwork of Desiree Costanza

DESI  It was difficult not to notice the three large arthropod models – a robber fly, jumping spider, and  Jerusalem cricket – that were hanging about at our Bad and Ugly Halloween Bug Event. Read  about artist Desiree Costanza and how she came to discover her new passion of making BIG bugs  here.

AR Learning Tools to be presented at the iDigbio Summit III

Melody Basham who serves as the Education/Outreach representative of SCAN will be presenting an exhibit and demo at the iDigbio Summit III to take place on November 18-20 in Tallahassee, Florida.

Title: Addressing Broader Impacts with Specimen-based Learning Tools

hercules_screenshotThe exhibit and presentation will review NIBA’s 2010 key objectives which encourage collection-based institutions to explore new ways of integrating biocollections into the classroom utilizing new mobile technologies.  Melody will demonstrate InsectARium, a specimen-based learning application using  augmented reality technology which our group has been involved in developing since July 2012.

A special thanks to all who have contributed to the development of this project: Kevin Demater,  Ozlem Ozan, Yasin Ozarslan, Justin Kujawa, TBLR (Technology-Based Learning and Research at SkySong) and also a special thanks to the Virginia M. Ullman Foundation for their support.


Photos of the Bad and Ugly Halloween Bug Event

Today’s “Bad and Ugly Halloween Bug Event” at the Museum for Youth in Mesa was a great success and high-quality arthropod- and collection-centered educational outreach program led by Melody Basham and her talented and tireless team. Thanks to all for your wonderful work. We will offer more review of this event later, including photos and videos. In the meantime, here is a sampling of photos of the event.

New taxonbytes T-Shirt designed for outreach program

We have a new ASUHIC / taxonbytes T-shirt, designed by Melody Basham and her team, to be used for upcoming outreach events. Large version here.