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Natural History Collections contribute to exhibit: The Nature of Creation – Joseph Haydn’s Oratorio and Beyond

During the Spring and Summer, 2015, ASU’s Natural History Collections group is contributing sets of newly designed plant fossil displays and 3D dioramas for the ASU Hayden Library Exhibit:

The Nature of Creation: Joseph Haydn’s Oratorio and Beyond

 Kathleen Pigg, Elizabeth Makings, and Anne Basham are responsible for the designs and materials. Some photos are posted here.

More information is available at

Exhibit: The Nature of Creation: Joseph Haydn’s Oratorio and Beyond.
Available: Hayden Library, Upper Concourse, Spring-Summer 2015, during normal library hours.

Description: This exhibit celebrates Joseph Haydn’s The Creation oratorio and is part of the ASU Creation Project, a yearlong series of events that concluded with a free performance of Haydn’s oratorio on April 29, 2015. The exhibit explores the nature of Creation through human imagination and creativity, as depicted in visual arts, music, cosmological narratives and diagrams, utopian writings, and scientific work. The exhibit is accompanied with a library guide, videos of pop-up books in action, 3D dioramas and high quality photos of fossil plants.


Newly designed fossil plant display for The Nature of Creation exhibit at the Hayden Library, May 2015.

Night of the Open Door 2015 – Natural History Collections

This year, and for the first time, all Natural History Collections participated in the ASU Night of the Open Door event jointly and at the Alameda location. A shuttle service from the Tempe Campus to our collections allowed visitors to make the trip, participate in outreach games, and get access to the collections and people associated with them. Although we had hoped for slightly higher visitor numbers, the feedback was strong and very positive. The Insects also had a table on campus. Photos from the event are posted on Flickr here.

ASUHIC contributes to 2015 ASU DiscoverE Days

On March 27, 2015, the Hasbrouck Insect Collection group fronted a highly popular booth at the annual DiscoverE Days organized by ASU’s Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. Andrew Jansen and Guanyang Zhang tirelessly introduced many hundreds of young visitors to the wonders of arthropods and insects on the pastures in front of the Old Main Building. Photos from the event are posted on Flickr here.

Impressions from the Alameda Grand Opening

Some impressions from yesterday’s Grand Opening of the newly renovated and now fully functional Alameda space for the ASU School of Life Sciences Natural History Collections, Informatics & Outreach Group. The event was attended by more than 200 illustrious guests from ASU and the greater community. A wonderful opportunity to showcase how the collections are now positioned to promote biodiversity research and learning. A set of photos from the event is linked here.

The State Press: ASU Alameda opening puts natural history on display

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Alameda Grand Opening on October 2nd, 2014

The School of Life Sciences’ newly renovated and now fully active space for the Natural History Collections, Informatics and Outreach Group is celebrating a Grand Opening on the afternoon/evening of October 2nd, 2014. The event will introduce the greater ASU community and other interested groups to the facilities and affiliated research and learning programs at Alameda. The Grand Opening will include a ribbon cutting, exhibits, and guided tours through the collections and outreach spaces.

Upcoming Alameda outreach events – Fall 2014

The summer is over! Via Melody Basham, here is a brief summary of upcoming Fall 2014 outreach events at our Alameda Collections Space. Post in development.

  1. School Visit –  Wednesday, August 27th – Montessori School Grades 4-6.
    • Each collection will prepare displays; we are expecting around 25-30 students and teachers. Most time will be spent on activities in the teaching classroom; inlcuding short, structured activities.
  2. Alameda Open House Event – Thursday, October 2nd – ASU community and supporters.
    • This will be our big, first, formal Open Door.
  3. Jeepers Creepers IDEA Museum Insect Event – Saturday, October 25th – Insect family day.
    • We held this event last year and have been invited back again this year.

AIM-UP Workshop: Native Americans and Natural History Collections


(Front row left to right: Stefan Sommer, Joe Cook, Neil Cobb)

(Back row left to right: Melvin Foster, Corey Welch, Gary Albert, Melody Basham, Ed Galindo, Beverly Maxwell)

Education and Outreach specialist Melody Basham spent this past weekend (August 16-17, 2014) in Flagstaff attending an AIM-UP workshop at Northern Arizona University (NAU) where the focus was on natural history collections as teaching tools serving undergraduate Native Americans. Joe Cook from the University of New Mexico is the Principal Investigator of this National Science Foundation funded program: (“Advancing integration of Museums into Undergraduate Programs”) which has been active for the past four years in developing learning modules that connect and teach undergraduates using natural history collections. This past weekend scientists, students, and educators and representatives from several Native American tribes attended the workshop aimed at addressing the challenges and needs to involve and retain undergraduate Native American students in the natural sciences.

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Alameda inaugural outreach event – July 2014

In how many different ways can we consume guava fruits (genus Psidium, Myrtaceae)? On July 11, 2014, our collections group offered the first (“inaugural”) outreach event at the Alameda location, with participation from all collections. We were visited by elementary-grade students and teachers from a local Montessori school. Some photos of the event are posted here.

Thanks to Melody, Sangmi, Charlotte, Kathleen, Les, Liz, and Walt for leading the event.