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Posts tagged ‘nomenclature’

Weekly reading: Witteveen on naming and contingency – the type method

This week: part II of our interim series of “new and interesting though not (yet) Next Generation Sequencing” papers. Joeri Witteveen is taking a new look at how the Codes of Nomenclature enforce contingent assignments of types to taxonomic names. Awesome!

Witteveen, J. 2014. Naming and contingency: the type method of biological taxonomy. Biology & Philosophy. Available on-line here.

Can we teach logic reasoners to correctly apply nomenclatural rules?

No, this not concept taxonomy. Instead this post is intended to set up a nomenclaturally and taxonomically correct use case for an Answer Set Programming (ASP) reasoning project. The post will limit itself to: (1) getting the required nomenclatural emendations “right” (Section 4), given (2) a specific set of starting conditions (Sections 1 & 2), and (3) a new taxonomic insight that necessitates change (Section 3).

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TDWG 2013: Using ASP to simulate the interplay of taxonomic and nomenclatural change

Presentation slides are now posted for the TDWG 2013 ASP Taxonomy Nomenclature talk.

Franz Et Al. Using ASP to Simulate the Interplay of Taxonomic and Nomenclatural Change from taxonbytes

Using Answer Set Programming to Simulate the Interplay of Taxonomic and Nomenclatural Change

Nico Franz, Joohyung Lee & Chao Zhang

Date: 2013-11-01 10:03 AM – 10:11 AM

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