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Coon Bluff Collecting Trip, Round 2

On November 9, several students from our group came out for their 5th collecting trip of the semester. After some confusion, especially with the north-bound 202 being shut down, we all eventually managed to find each other on the banks of the Salt River, Tonto National Forest. We decided to collect further upstream of the previous collecting site. There was water present, but it was not flowing at the time. The area was rich with insects, including multiple odonates. Long-horned beetles (Cerambycidae) could also be found in abundance. It was a successful collecting trip, both in terms of group turnout (keep up the good work!!) and insect activity.

DSC01558 DSC01555 DSC01552 DSC01549 DSC01548 DSC01542 DSC01545 DSC01544 DSC01539 DSC01538 DSC01531 DSC01524 DSC01536 DSC01528 DSC01525

Photos of the Bad and Ugly Halloween Bug Event

Today’s “Bad and Ugly Halloween Bug Event” at the Museum for Youth in Mesa was a great success and high-quality arthropod- and collection-centered educational outreach program led by Melody Basham and her talented and tireless team. Thanks to all for your wonderful work. We will offer more review of this event later, including photos and videos. In the meantime, here is a sampling of photos of the event.

The Bad and the Ugly Halloween Bug Event

We are offering a themed outreach event on Saturday, October 26th 10 am to 4 pm, at the Arizona Museum for Youth.

“This Halloween learn about what makes a bad bug BAD. Learn about the deadliest insect and learn something new about those insects and arachnids we often fear from the big to the small. Learn about monster bugs in ancient times, meet some live critters, go on a bug hunt, or go “beyond a bug in a box” as we take a closer look at some collection specimens using augmented reality technology. To experience our augmented reality insects with your own mobile device download the Junaio app here. Further instructions will be provided at the event!”

Support of the ASU Hasbrouck Insect Collection’s outreach program through an award from Virginia M. Ullman Foundation is kindly acknowledged.

An outstanding virtual collection of insect images

A recent post on The Atlantic showcases Sam Droege’s outstanding habitus photography of insects. Thanks to Samantha Hauserman for sharing the link.

Hasbrouck Insect Collection specimens featured prominently in 2013 Ask A Biologist Ugly Bug Contest

ASU’s popular “Ask A Biologist” outreach program just released a preview of its 2013 Ugly Bug Contest Poster; available here. This year the “contestants” were selected from specimens of the Hasbrouck Insect Collection. The process of selection and summaries of natural history information were put together by our recent lab graduate Madalyn Karamooz who is credited on the poster. The specimens represent common and charismatic species of insects that occur in Arizona. One them – Anthonomus grandis Boheman a.k.a. “Colonel Mustard” or the “boll weevil” – was a once notorious (though now eradicated) pest of cotton throughout the southern United States.

The poster represents a cute take on Hasbro’s game Clue. Thanks to the SoLS Bioimaging Facility, in particular Page Baluch and Charles Kazilek, for working with us. Look out for these “Ugly Bugs” at regional schools; tens of thousands of school children will vote for them until mid December, 2013.