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Posts tagged ‘informatics’

taxonbytes at TDWG 2013 – two papers on Answer Set Programming as a tool for taxonomic reasoning

At this year’s TDWG 2013 Annual Conference held from October 28 to November 01, in Florence, Italy, Nico Franz will present two talks on Answer Set Programming and name/taxon concept representation and reasoning. Both papers form part of the Semantics for Biodiversity Symposium, and specifically the Session “Ontologies and Formal Models” convened by Ramona Walls of iPlant and Nico Franz. Here are the abstracts; the actual presentation slides will be shared on taxonbytes.

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Article digest: BioNames: linking taxonomy, texts, and trees

Rod Page, who maintains one of the most engaging and insightful blogs in biodiversity informatics, has a preprint available on-line in which he documents the approach taken and functions offered by BioNames to connect taxonomic names, literature, and – mostly a novelty in this context – phylogenetic trees. A worthy read and impressive achievement.

Euler at WFLP 2013

Mingmin Chen of Bertram Ludäscher’s lab at the University of California at Davis is attending the 22nd International Workshop on Functional and (Constraint) Logic Programming to present on a working implementation of Euler/X – a toolkit for logic-based taxonomy integration. The above image shows seven “possible world” scenarios that obtain when integrating an abstract example of two related taxonomies with three disjoint articulations (each containing an “or” and two RRC-5 relations).