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Global Names Interface for Taxonomic Editing

GNITE – the Global Names Interface for Taxonomic Editing – embodies a number of neat design features that can be appropriated for a service that is perhaps still missing from the biodiversity informatics realm, i.e. an application that engages users to import and reconcile taxonomically related (yet partially incongruent) classifications and phylogenies. While GNITE – developed by David Shorthouse and Dmitry Mozzherin while at MBL (with David Patterson as Principal Investigator of the Global Names – North America team) – is presently at a working prototype stage, it is worth looking at the design in more detail. The GUI is pleasant and effective, having benefited from design work by thoughbot. The GNITE codebase is available on GitHub.

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New publication: Scientific names and attribution rights

A new publication is now out in BMC Research Notes.

Scientific names of organisms: attribution, rights, and licensing

David J. Patterson, Willi Egloff, Donat Agosti, David Eades, Nico Franz, Gregor Hagedorn, Jonathan A. Rees & David P. Remsen. BMC Research Notes 2014, 7:79. (9 pp.) pdf Read more

TDWG 2013: Concepts and tools needed for taxonomic expert participation in a Global Names-based infrastructure

Presentation slides are now posted for the TDWG 2013 Global Names talk.

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