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Accessioning a Donation: Part 2

Continuing from Part 1, this post documents the ongoing process of accessioning a large donation corresponding to the Ira Nadborne insect collection. Having frozen all donated material for an entire week, we can now safely sort through the specimens and curate them into our main collection. The first part of this journey is to determine which specimens we are keeping, and to move them out of their dermestid frass-filled boxes.


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Graduate research opportunity – insect diversity in Mormon cricket ecosystems

Graduate Student Opportunity – M.Sc. in Biology

Franz Lab and Hasbrouck Insect Collection, School of Life Science, Arizona State University

Our lab ( has an opening for a funded M.Sc. research project involving biodiversity surveys and information products related to rangeland grasshoppers and Mormon cricket pests and associated non-target organisms from the grasshopper and Mormon cricket ecosystem. The project will be co-advised by research entomologists of the USDA Center for Plant Health Science and Technology in Phoenix, Arizona, under the leadership of Dr. Larry Jech. A central research objective is to characterize the effects of a new insecticide, chlorantraniliprole, on diverse non-target arthropods in rangeland ecosystems in 17 western states, with emphasis on orthopteran groups.

The selected candidate will be broadly trained in insect biodiversity science, informatics, and applied entomology. Interested candidates are strongly encouraged to contact Dr. Nico Franz (e-mail: to learn more about this opportunity. Applications to the M.Sc. in Biology program should be submitted on-line at: biology-masters-and-phd- programs.

The application submission deadline is December 15, 2014.

Course announcement: Sonoran Desert Field Botany, Spring 2015

PLB498-598-2015An announcement for the combined PLB 498/598 Sonoran Desert Field Botany course, offered in the Spring 2015 Semester by Elizabeth Makings (Vascular Plant Herbarium) at the Alameda space.

Download the course flyer with additional information.

Course announcement: Plant Diversity and Evolution, Spring 2015

PLB300-ImageAn announcement for the PLB 300 Plant Diversity and Evolution course, offered in the Spring 2015 Semester by Drs. Kathleen Pigg (Fossil Plant Collection) and Walter Fertig (Herbarium) at the Alameda space.

Download the course flyer with additional information.