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Upcoming Alameda outreach events – Fall 2014

The summer is over! Via Melody Basham, here is a brief summary of upcoming Fall 2014 outreach events at our Alameda Collections Space. Post in development.

  1. School Visit –  Wednesday, August 27th – Montessori School Grades 4-6.
    • Each collection will prepare displays; we are expecting around 25-30 students and teachers. Most time will be spent on activities in the teaching classroom; inlcuding short, structured activities.
  2. Alameda Open House Event – Thursday, October 2nd – ASU community and supporters.
    • This will be our big, first, formal Open Door.
  3. Jeepers Creepers IDEA Museum Insect Event – Saturday, October 25th – Insect family day.
    • We held this event last year and have been invited back again this year.

Alameda inaugural outreach event – July 2014

In how many different ways can we consume guava fruits (genus Psidium, Myrtaceae)? On July 11, 2014, our collections group offered the first (“inaugural”) outreach event at the Alameda location, with participation from all collections. We were visited by elementary-grade students and teachers from a local Montessori school. Some photos of the event are posted here.

Thanks to Melody, Sangmi, Charlotte, Kathleen, Les, Liz, and Walt for leading the event.

Hasbrouck moving day

Indeed, we hauled. More than 2,000 insect drawers, in fact, from the old to the new location in the Alameda Building (734 W Alameda Drive) where they will find their new and permanent home. Follow this link to see additional “moving” images from April 15, 2014. It was a lot of hard, physical work but went very smoothly. Now it is time to get settled into the new place.

Very special thanks to Andrea, Andrew, Charlotte, Catherine, Chelsey, David, Guanyang, Lin, Melody, Naomi, Ray, and Sarah for all your tireless help!

Hasbrouck Insect Collection – Meet our new compactors

The Hasbrouck Insect Collection had its new system of compactors installed last week. The collection is thereby doubling its storage capacity, compared to the (pre-) 2011 infrastructure. Dramatic upgrades that validate our efforts and the support given to the insect collection by many entities and people. Tuesday, April 15, is our big moving day when all ~1800 insect drawers will make the trip to the Alameda Building. Stay tuned for more; as previously we are documenting the process of moving and new developments on our Flickr page .


Hasbrouck Insect Collection space LSA 131 – May, 2011.


Hasbrouck Insect Collection space AB 145 – April, 2014.

Move of the collections to Alameda is nearing completion

The ASU-SoLS Natural History Collections are close to completing a “once in 50 years” move to the newly renovated Alameda space. Parts of the collections started moving as early as December, 2013. Except for the invertebrates (specifically, the Hasbrouck Insect Collection and the rediscovered Roworth Shell Collection), most collections have now moved physically and people, cabinets, and other resources are starting to get settled in and reactivated. Shared spaces for outreach, teaching, collections research, and informatics are taking shape. We are nearly doubling our square footage and at the same time unifying physically and conceptually. See the latest photos here.

An official opening of the space and collections is tentatively scheduled for the beginning of the Fall semester, but our occupancy and activities will commence much sooner. A first invertebrate zoology course will be offered at Alameda during the summer.

Update – November 2013 – Planning and construction of the Alameda Biocollections and Biodiversity Informatics Complex

Nearly two years ago plans were initiated to consolidate all nine School of Life Sciences Natural History Collections into a newly designed, physically coherent space. We expect this space – called “ABBIC” (see post title) – to be ready for move-in in January/February of 2014. In addition to unifying the collections and associated people and activities, the new space nearly doubles the joint collections’ current area of occupancy on the Tempe Campus. It also offers several shared spaces to further develop our collections-centered teaching, informatics, and outreach programs. The SoLS collections group is therefore looking at an eventful 2013/2014 transition, partly documented here.

A map overview of the arrangement and role of ABBIC spaces is available here. (Note: the colored schema is actually not the latest version; for a more technical, up to date blueprint, see this.) ABBIC is located at 734 W Alameda Drive (Tempe). More updates soon.

Early stages of Alameda construction – future ASU natural history collections research and outreach space

Here are some early stage photos, taken on September 20, 2013, of the future space at 734 W Alameda Drive (Tempe) that will house the School of Life Sciences’ Natural History Collections and associated research, informatics, teaching, and outreach activities. Constructions started approximately two weeks ago.

Update, November 05, 2013: The SoLS “Phase II” (south) section of the Alameda Building (ca. 24,000 sq. ft.) will be named: Alameda Biocollections and Biodiversity Informatics Complex; abbreviated ABBIC.