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Natural History Collections contribute to exhibit: The Nature of Creation – Joseph Haydn’s Oratorio and Beyond

During the Spring and Summer, 2015, ASU’s Natural History Collections group is contributing sets of newly designed plant fossil displays and 3D dioramas for the ASU Hayden Library Exhibit:

The Nature of Creation: Joseph Haydn’s Oratorio and Beyond

 Kathleen Pigg, Elizabeth Makings, and Anne Basham are responsible for the designs and materials. Some photos are posted here.

More information is available at

Exhibit: The Nature of Creation: Joseph Haydn’s Oratorio and Beyond.
Available: Hayden Library, Upper Concourse, Spring-Summer 2015, during normal library hours.

Description: This exhibit celebrates Joseph Haydn’s The Creation oratorio and is part of the ASU Creation Project, a yearlong series of events that concluded with a free performance of Haydn’s oratorio on April 29, 2015. The exhibit explores the nature of Creation through human imagination and creativity, as depicted in visual arts, music, cosmological narratives and diagrams, utopian writings, and scientific work. The exhibit is accompanied with a library guide, videos of pop-up books in action, 3D dioramas and high quality photos of fossil plants.


Newly designed fossil plant display for The Nature of Creation exhibit at the Hayden Library, May 2015.