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SCAN – the Southwest Collections of Arthropods Network project – brings together arthropod collections at universities and museums from the Southwest and beyond to create a virtual information network of arthropod occurrences. SCAN is hosted at the University of Florida iDigBio Data Center. All other information about the SCAN project can be found at our project website; including How-To-Guides and network updates.”

“The primary focus of this NSF-ADBC funded project is to develop an on-line occurrence database of regional ground-dwelling and other arthropod species. We hope this will initiate the creation of other important data portals, including a North American Arthropod Database and more focused thematic data portals for specific taxa (e.g., weevils) and geographically-delineated portals.”

ASUHIC0031695_habitus_latCalles cladotrichis (Pierce, 1912), a New Mexican weevil. Credit: Michael Shillingburg, ASUHIC.