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Research Leaders

  • Nico Franz, Ph.D.NMF-small
    • Principal Investigator, Associate Professor & Curator of Insects
    • Systematics and evolution of weevils, logic-based methods in taxonomy
  • SML-smallSangmi Lee, Ph.D.
    • Collection Manager – Frank F. Hasbrouck Insect Collection (ASUHIC)
    • Systematics and diversity of Gelechioidea moths, insect curation
  • EEG-smallEd Gilbert, M.Sc.
    • Biodiversity Informatician & Faculty Research Associate
    • Biodiversity informatics, lead development of Symbiota software platform
  • GYZ-smallGuanyang Zhang, Ph.D.
    • Postdoctoral Researcher – Neotropical Entimine Weevil Project
    • Systematics, molecular phylogenetics, and evolution of Hemiptera and Coleoptera