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Peer-Reviewed Publications

50. Jansen, M.A., S. Singh, N.M. Franz & N. Chawla. 2015. A multi-layer micromechanical model of the cuticle of Curculio longinasus Chittenden, 1927 (Coleoptera: Curculionidae). (In Preparation)

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48. Zhang, G., U. Basharat, N. Matzke & N.M. Franz. 2015. Founder-event speciation, island-to-continent colonization and in situ diversification shape distribution and endemism of the Neotropical Exophthalmus genus complex (Coleoptera: Curculionidae). (In Review)

47. Thessen, A.E. et al. (including N.M. Franz). 2015. Semantic linking of phenotypes and environments: a review. PeerJ. (Accepted, Final Revision Pending)

46. Dang, T.N., N.M. Franz, B. Ludäscher & A.G. Forbes. 2015. ProvenanceMatrix: a visualization tool for multi-taxonomy alignments. In: Ivanova, V., P. Lambrix, S. Lohmann & C Pesquita (editor): Voila!2015. Proceedings of the International Workshop on Visualizations and User Interfaces for Ontologies and Linked Data, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA, October 11, 2015. CEUR Workshop Proceedings 1456: 13-24. Link to publication.

45. Tang, W. et al. (including N.M. Franz). 2015. Molecular and morphological phylogenetic analyses of cycad beetles: what they reveal about cycad evolution in the New World. (In Preparation)

44. Franz, N.M. & B.W. Sterner. 2015. Taxonomy – for computers. Link to biorXiv

43. Jansen, M.A. & N.M. Franz. 2015. Phylogenetic revision of Minyomerus Horn, 1876 sec. Jansen & Franz, 2015 (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) using taxonomic concept annotations and alignments. ZooKeys 528: 1-133. Link to publication.

42. Franz, N.M, N.M. Pier, D.M. Reeder, M. Chen, S. Yu, P. Kianmajd, S. Bowers & B. Ludäscher. 2015. Two influential primate classifications logically aligned. Systematic Biology. (Accepted, Pending Revision) Link to arXiv

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39. Franz, N.M., M. Chen, S. Yu, P. Kianmajd, S. Bowers & B. Ludäscher. 2015. Reasoning over taxonomic change: exploring alignments for the Perelleschus use case. PLoS ONE 10(2): e0118247. Link to Open Access publication.

38. Deans, A.R. et al. (including N.M. Franz). 2015. Finding our way through phenotypes. PLoS Biology 13(1): e1002033. Link to Open Access publication.

37. Chen, M., S. Yu, N. Franz, S. Bowers & B. Ludäscher. 2014. A hybrid diagnosis approach combining Black-Box and White-Box reasoning. In: A. Bikakis, P. Fodor & D. Roman (editors): RuleML 2014, Proceedings of the 8th International Symposium. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8620: 127-141. Link to publication.

36. Gries, C., E.E. Gilbert & N.M. Franz. 2014. Symbiota – a virtual platform for creating voucher-based biodiversity information communities. Biodiversity Data Journal 2: e1114 (24 Jun 2014). (24 pp.) doi: 10.3897/BDJ.2.e1114. Link to Open Access publication.

35. Patterson, D.J., W. Egloff, D. Agosti, D. Eades, N. Franz, G. Hagedorn, J.A. Rees & D.P. Remsen. 2014. Scientific names of organisms: attribution, rights and licensing. BMC Research Notes 2014, 7:79. (9 pp.) pdf

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33. Franz, N.M. & J. Cardona-Duque. 2013. Description of two new species and phylogenetic reassessment of Perelleschus Wibmer & O’Brien, 1986 (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), with a complete taxonomic concept history of Perelleschus sec. Franz & Cardona-Duque, 2013. Systematics and Biodiversity 11: 209–236. Link

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31. Cardona-Duque, J. & N.M. Franz. 2012. Description and phylogeny of Azotoctla, a new Neotropical genus of Acalyptini (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Curculioninae) associated with the staminodes of Cyclanthaceae. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 166: 559-623. pdf

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1. Franz, N.M. 2001. Description and phylogeny of Staminodeus, a new genus of Derelomini (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) associated with Cyclanthaceae. Coleopterists Bulletin 55: 411-432. pdf

Conference Papers

2. Franz, N.M., C.W. O’Brien, S.D. Shirota, M.T. Shillingburg & E.E. Gilbert. 2014. Assembling a virtual Weevils of North America checklist with Symbiota – preliminary insights. Proceedings of the 12th Biennial Conference of Science and Management on the Colorado Plateau. (In Press) pdf

1. Chen, M., S. Yu, N. Franz, S. Bowers & B. Ludäscher. 2014. Euler/X: a toolkit for logic-based taxonomy integration. WFLP 2013 – 22nd International Workshop on Functional and (Constraint) Logic Programming. Link to arXiv. pdf

Contributed Chapters

3. Caldara, R., N.M. Franz & R.G. Oberprieler. 2014. 4.7.10 Curculioninae Latreille, 1802; pp. 305-344. In Leschen, R.A.B. & R.G. Beutel (Eds.): Handbook of Zoology. Arthropoda: Insecta: Coleoptera Volume 3: Morphology and Systematics (Phytophaga). De Gruyter, Berlin, Germany. (Preprint) pdf

2. Franz, N.M. 2009. Letter to Linnaeus; pp. 63-74. In Knapp, S. & Q.D. Wheeler (Eds.): Letters to Linnaeus. Linnean Society of London, London, UK. pdf

1.Franz, N.M., R.K. Peet & A.S. Weakley. 2008. On the use of taxonomic concepts in support of biodiversity research and taxonomy; pp. 63-86. In Wheeler, Q.D. (Ed.): The New Taxonomy, Systematics Association Special Volume Series 74. Taylor & Francis, Boca Raton, FL. pdf

Published Reviews

5. Franz, N.M. 2010. Review of “G. B. Curry & C. J. Humphries. 2007. Biodiversity Databases: Techniques, Politics, and Applications.” The Systematist 31: 16-19. pdf

4. Franz, N.M. 2008. Review of “D. E. Bright & P. Bouchard. 2008. Weevils of Canada and Alaska, Volume 2. Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Entiminae.” Coleopterists Bulletin 62: 524-525. pdf

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2. Franz, N.M. 2005. Review of “A. Sforzi & L. Bartolozzi. 2004. Brentidae of the World (Coleoptera: Curculionoidea).” Insecta Mundi 19: 1-2. pdf

1. Solomon, S.A. & N.M. Franz. 2004. Review of “G. Kuschel. 2003. Nemonychidae, Belidae, Brentidae (Insecta: Coleoptera: Curculionoidea). Fauna of New Zealand 45.” Coleopterists Bulletin 58: 27-28. pdf

Electronic Publications (Not Peer-Reviewed)

3. Franz, N.M. et al. 2013. Weevils of North America (WoNA). Link

2. Daniel, D.H. & N.M. Franz. 2012. An interactive key to the genera of entimine weevils of Arizona (Curculionidae: Entiminae). Link

1. Franz, N.M., J.C. Girón & C.J. Santos. 2012. UPRM-INVCOL specimen occurrence records at GBIF. Link