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Past Members

The following students have moved on from our lab and collection.


  • MicahBodineMicah Bodine
    • Micah Bodine curated the scarab holdings, which were last processed in the mid 1980s by ASUHIC associate William B. Warner. He was among the first students to test our Symbiota-based SCAN database, initially hosted on a local server “Hasbrouck”.
  • MarthaCamachoMartha Camacho
  • DustinDanielDustin Daniel
    • Dustin Daniel was a student in the Barrett Honors College and conducted a senior honors thesis research project in our lab entitled “An interactive on-line key to the entimine weevil genera of Arizona (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Entiminae)”. This project was carried out in mx and treated close to 30 Arizonan entimine genera on hand at ASUHIC. See the outcomes here.
  • StephanieDelgadoStephanie Delgado
  • NicoleHenryNicole Henry
    • Nicole Henry was also among the first students to test and populate our SCAN database, with a focus on legacy weevil holdings in the Hasbrouck Insect Collection. She compiled a checklist of nearly 500 curculionoid species known to occur in Arizona. After graduating she applied successfully for a graduate program in pharmacy.
  • Harry Grissom
    • HarryGrissomHarry Grissom helped relaunch the collection in in the Fall of 2011 and subsequently conducted a preliminary survey of insect species diversity across several differently preserved and managed sites along the Salt River, ranging from downtown Phoenix to the Tonto National Forest. He also played a large and unique role in two of our Night of the Open Door events.
  • JoshuaPerssonJoshua Persson
    • Joshua Persson was the long tenured student member of the lab; he started to work with us in December 2011 on pressing tasks of inventorying and rearranging the collection at the ordinal and family level. Having excelled at these, Josh then was mainly responsible for validating SCAN records entered by other collection members, continued to assist in curating the collection, contributed to many outreach activities, and started to pursue his own systematic interests in the hymenopteran superfamily Chalcidoidea and later on in cryptorhynchine weevils. He graduated in the Spring of 2013 and continues to pursue his entomological interests.
  • DonQuachDon Quach
    • Don Quach curated the ASUHIC parasitoid Hymenoptera wasps holdings during the Spring of 2012; including challenging identifications of several drawers of unidentified Aprocrita specimens. He was among the first students to volunteer for the collection and also helped with its early-stage physical reorganization and higher-level inventory.
  • StephanieVarelasStephanie Varelas
    • Stephanie Varelas worked closely with collection manager Sangmi Lee on the higher-level reorganization of our extensive moth and butterfly specimen holdings. She graduated in the Spring of 2012.


During the Fall of 2011 the following students contributed – on a voluntary basis – to the revitalization of the Hasbrouck Insect Collection; including a drawer-level inventory of the holdings and removal of chemicals, partial reorganization, and processing of newly acquired specimens for the MABA project: Martha Camacho, Adam Cegla, Dustin Daniel, Stephanie Delgado, Rebecca Dornburg, Ti Eriksson, Harry Grissom, Hanh Han, Gregory Lloyd, Don Quach, Tincy Simon, Mitzi Thelakkaden, and Stephanie Varelas. Thank you again, your work was invaluable and remains appreciated.