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Museum Event Premieres the Sculptures of Desiree Costanza



Desiree Costanza & Jerusalem Cricket

Desiree Costanza who is originally from South Africa, was a participant in the first year of the Museum School of Biodiversity outreach program. Already an accomplished artist in various types of media, Desiree found a new passion as a result of her exposure to science from our talented outreach educators. Desiree first created a gigantic ant after participating in Ti Erikkson’s Ant Lab experiment. It still hangs in the classroom at Rio Salado Southern under the guarded protection of her teacher Linda Putnum who has become quite attached to it.   The ant will be the main guest of honor at the grand opening of the Rio Salado Southern Adult Learning Center on November 13th.


Ant model at RSC

Desiree has now created three additional sculptures for our program which included a  Robber Fly (Diptera: Asilidae), a Jumping Spider (Araneae: Salticidae) and a Jerusalem Cricket (Orthoptera: Stenopelmatidae). Recently Desiree premiered the pieces at the Museum for Youth for our Bad and Ugly Halloween Bug event. Desiree states that now she and her art students can’t imagine doing anything else but insects and other arthropods. They plan to create next a scorpion and a dragonfly. Desiree hopes to be an educator in the program teaching others her craft at our new biodiversity facility while motivating students to find as she did the excitement that comes in learning and communicating science through art. 

Robber fly

Mounting the Robber Fly at MfY

In the photo to the left, Curator Jeffory Morris appears to be fighting for his life with a gigantic Robber Fly as his team installs the artwork  at the Arizona Museum for Youth in Mesa for the Bad and Ugly Bug Halloween Event.

For additional information please also see the Museum School of Biodiversity program website.