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Lab Affiliates

  • Elizabeth Davidson
    • ElizabethDavidsonDr. Elizabeth Davidson is an insect and amphibian pathologist and longstanding member of ASU’s research faculty. She collaborates and volunteers with our lab since 2012. Initially she helped process and identify insect specimens from Sonora, Mexico, acquired through our collaboration with Dr. Tom van Devender and MABA – the Madrean Archipelago Biodiversity Assessment project. She now works both with Melody Basham on various outreach projects and with Dale Snyder on curating the shell collection.
  • Ruth Kearns
    • RuthKearnsRuth Kearns has a Ph.D. in Entomology, and has been involved for several years in cataloguing and updating records of our Coleoptera groups, including scarabs and cicindelines from the David Pearson collection that has been partly donate to ASUHIC. She is currently involved in mounting and labeling new insect material for the collection, primarily specimens from the southwestern United States and Sonora, Mexico, and performs these tasks with great skill.
  • Dale Snyder
    • DaleSnyderDale Snyder is a sea shell collector, naturalist, and an increasingly experienced and authoritative taxonomist who is working tirelessly to reactivate and curate the Chester Melville Shell Collection, donated to ASU in the mid 1960s but left inactive for many years. Since 2012 she has been inventorying the collection and associated data files, is undertaking myriad taxonomic updates and identifications, and corresponds with experts nationwide about ways to turn the collection into valid resource for scientific inquiry. Dale also contributes to our outreach program.