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Franz Lab members to attend ESA in Austin – November 2013

Joining ~3000 entomologists, members of the Franz Lab will attend the 2013 Annual Entomological Society of America Meeting this year in Austin, Texas. We plan to drive our lab truck (Ford 150) there and carry out some collecting along the way. The members will give four talks and one poster. Postdoc Guanyang Zhang will present the “Featured Young Professional Presentation” at the SysEB Section Meeting and give another talk on his recent work on Caribbean weevils and biogeography. Graduate student Andrew Jansen will be presenting his research on the systematics of Minyomerus Horn, 1876 and Piscatopus Sleeper, 1960. Graduate student Salvatore Anzaldo will present the findings of his internship this past summer at the Frost Entomological Museum on the hind tibia of gasteruptiid wasps. And there will be a poster on the Weevils of North America project.

Look out for the ASU squad this year at ESA!

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