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Franz Lab to attend RCN environment ontology meeting

Members of the Franz Lab will attend a Phenotype RCN Meeting at the University of Arizona’s Biosphere2 this weekend (February 21-22, 2014). This year’s agenda will focus on environment ontologies.As stated on the meeting page:

The overall goal of the RCN’s Fourth Annual Summit is to introduce scientists from different research backgrounds and establish communication among them. By popular demand, the theme for this meeting is representing environment in relation to phenotype using ontologies. Our goals and activities will focus on 1) the status of environment ontologies: How many, how to improve; Do we need a single environmental ontology? 2) Who is using these ontologies now? What are the use cases? 3) How to include environment in annotations of phenotypes? and 4) How to represent population-level phenotypes with ontologies?

The Meeting agenda can be found here.

The following article would be a good introductory text to using ontologies in biology.

  • Bard, J.B.L. & S.Y. Rhee. 2004. Ontologies in biology: design, applications and future challenges. Nature Reviews Genetics 5: 213-222. Link

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