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Envisioned taxonbytes customization

Here are some goals to optimize the taxonbytes theme. Original post on September 01, 2013. Now with an update, September 12, 2013. We are on a good path.

1. Deactivate comments on static pages. => Done.

2. Selectively activate comments on posts. => Done.

3. The above, and other tasks, may require pinkava server access. => Done.

4. Implement a genuine logo. => Done.

5. Submit all images to a /images folder ( => Possible now.

6. Submit all documents to a /files folders ( => Done.

7. Submit all videos (longer term goal) to a /videos folder. => Possible now.

8. Incorporate a Twitter widget. => Done.

9. Incorporate a Flickr widget. => Achieved, though not yet satisfactory.

10. Incorporate a Facebook widget. => Not yet, but is feasible.

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