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Ed Gilbert

Biodiversity Informatician & Faculty Research Associate

M.Sc. 2002, Plant Biology – Arizona State University

Curriculum Vitae

EEG-smallSynopsis. My research and service activities focus on biodiversity informatics, and particularly on the lead development of Symbiota. Symbiota is an open source software project and framework for a general biodiversity content management system, and is used to establish specimen-based virtual flora/fauna web portals with a specific taxonomic and geographic scope (such as SEINet or SCAN). Symbiota portals provide tools that allow biological communities to join forces and build collaborative resources that better serve the whole community from the novice to the expert. Biological collections serve as the data foundation for Symbiota portals, thus ensuring a high degree of data integrity. One of the keys to the success of Symbiota is that portals can be established to focus on a specific community of researchers and collection managers. This creates a sense of ownership, buy-in and added incentive to ensure that the portal is complete and accurate. I collaborate with members of the SoLS Natural History Collections group on various biodiversity informatics related projects and services.


Representative Publications

Gilbert, E., B. Brandt. 2013. Symbiota – open source software package designed for the establishment of specimen-based virtual flora/fauna data web portals. Arizona State University.

Nash III, T.H., C. Gries & E. Gilbert. 2010. The consortium of North American lichen herbaria: a virtual flora using the SYMBIOTA framework. Bibliotheca Lichenologica 105: 57-64.

Gilbert, E.E. 2005. Flora and vegetation of the West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon, Coconino County, Arizona. Desert Plants 21: 1-60.