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ASUHIC – Request Specimen Loans

Our Specimens Are Available for Study


ASUHIC Asilidae specimens

ASUHIC seeks to increase the value and exposure of our specimen holdings through loans to national and international taxonomic specialists and other researchers. Scientists who wish to request a loan should contact the collection manager, Dr. Sangmi Lee. We have a general three-year loan policy in place with flexible options for extension and partial retention of specimens where justified (see details below).

To assess whether ASUHIC can offer you valuable research specimens, please refer to:

  1. An early 1990s’ species-level  ledger available as a searchable PDF (~ 16 MB). Users should be aware that this ledger is no longer comprehensive, and the taxonomic classification and names used are often outdated.
  2. As of September, 2013, nearly 40,000 ASUHIC insect specimens representing 2600 species are searchable through our virtual SCAN portal. You can view all ASUHIC holdings in SCAN by (1) selecting ASUHIC only to perform the search, then (2) choosing Class / Order = “Arthropoda”.
  3. Contact Dr. Sangmi Lee for specific requests including insufficiently identified and recently acquired specimens.

Specimen Loan Policy

Below are the basic conditions of the ASUHIC specimen loan policy. Please also refer to this Loan Invoice Template for further detail.

  1.  ASUHIC specimen loans are typically granted for a period of three years; however extensions are possible upon written request from the recipient and pending written approval by ASUHIC personnel.
  2. Arrangements for the deposition of type specimens should be communicated with ASUHIC personnel.
  3. Retention of duplicate material identified by the borrower and representing not more than 1/4 of each species series is permitted. Unique specimens, representatives of polymorphic forms, and unique examplars from diverse localities must be returned. Data for retained specimens must be reported; this may be facilitated through our SCAN specimen portal. Reciprocal specimen exchanges that improve the ASUHIC holdings are strongly encouraged.
  4. No part of an ASUHIC loan may be forwarded to a third party without prior request to, and permission by, ASUHIC personnel.
  5. Reprints or E-Prints of any paper(s) based on study of loaned specimens should be sent to ASUHIC personnel as soon as available.