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ASUHIC – Information for Visitors

The Hasbrouck Insect Collection is available for visits, preferably via prior contact with the collection personnel (see contact details below). We also try to accommodate “walk-ins” during weekdays, typically from 9 am to 5 pm. Please also check our outreach programs.

As of 2014 the collection is at a new and improved location, about 1.5 miles southwest of Arizona State University’s Tempe Campus, in the shared SoLS Natural History Collections space at 734 West Alameda Drive, Room AB 145. We welcome general visitors and insect enthusiasts of (almost) all ages, and also have work space and equipment available for taxonomic specialists.


Photos from a 2012 insect collection outreach event for younger audiences.

Contact Our Personnel

Options for Public Parking

Good news! Our new location at 734 West Alameda Drive has immediate, abundant, and free parking opportunities for students and the general public, located both east and west of the Alameda Building (see detailed maps below). Choose the southeast entrance of the Building to find our Collections Atrium and Outreach Lab, then proceed to the research collections. We hope to see you soon.

1. Overview map. Either choose W. Alameda Dr. directly when approaching from the west, or via S. Roosevelt St. (accessible via W. Broadway Road or W. Southern Avenue) from the east.


2. Zoom-in map. Free parking is available directly east or west of the Building. The main collections entrance is at the southern entrance of the eastern parking lot (yellow circle). Proceed through the main hallway to meet our outreach and insect collection team.


3. How to know when you are there. Here is a photo of our first outreach event at the new Building, with students entering the Atrium. The robber fly hanging from the ceiling means that you have arrived.


Last updated on July 20, 2014.