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Opportunities for Students, Collaborators, and Donors

The Arizona State University Hasbrouck Insect Collection (ASUHIC) takes pride in its public mission and strongly promotes accessibility and engagement with undergraduate and graduate students, collaborators, research associates, and persons or institutions interested in donating specimens or funds in support of our mission and projects. This page provides an overview of our different opportunities to collaborate and support the collection.

1. Research Opportunities for Undergraduate Students


Sarah Shirota

ASUHIC continuously engages and recruits motivated undergraduate students who wish to gain experience in working in a dynamic and diverse scientific research collection, learn about insect diversity in the collection and in the field, and specialize in the curation, digitization, and identification of specific insect or macroinvertebrate groups represented in our collection. Students can arrange to volunteer, receive course credits, or student employment, the latter in particular if they wish to contribute to the SCAN project. Interested students should access this document for further information and contact the curator Dr. Nico Franz with a brief Statement of Interest and relevant study background.

2. Collaborative Agreements with Graduate Students


Ti Eriksson, Gadau Lab

ASUHIC supports and encourages collaborative agreements with graduate students who sample insects or other macroinvertebrates as part of their thesis research. In return for retaining a suitable subset of the student’s vouchers in our collection, we provide access and training to utilize state-of-the-art collection materials and equipment, as well as databasing and imaging opportunities that will enhance the value and long-term accessibility of the student’s vouchered specimens. For further detail please refer to this Graduate Student Letter of Collaboration.

3. Opportunities for Collaborators and Research Associates


William B. Warner

ASUHIC has a tradition of enlisting the expertise of invertebrate enthusiasts and specialists who make outstanding and indispensable contributions to the collection and to the knowledge of invertebrate diversity in the southwestern United States and beyond. We seek active and varied forms of collaboration with regional, national, or international experts. We can offer such collaborating experts the status of Research Associate with the collection which includes a range of benefits for both parties. Please read and respond to this call for collaboration if you are interested in such an association with our collection. Current ASUHIC Research Associates include: Ray Nagle (Tucson, AZ), John Palting (Tucson, AZ), Michael C. Quinlan (Glendale, AZ), Charles W. & Lois B. O’Brien (Green Valley, AZ), Albert A. Thurman (Phoenix, AZ), Thomas A. Van Devender (Tucson, AZ), and William B. Warner (Chandler, AZ).

 4. Opportunities for Donating Specimens


2011 Specimen Donation

ASUHIC has established a clear and efficient process for facilitating donations of specimens as “Gifts in Kind” through the ASU Foundation, which can then be used to receive tax deductions. We work closely with prospective donors to ensure a smooth and mutually beneficial donation process. Your specimens are of great value to ASUHIC, science, and to the general public. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are considering a specimen donation. The following documents provide additional information.

In return, we ask mainly for access to your expertise which we consider absolutely essential to our future prospects as a rebooting insect collection at a major public university in Arizona.

 5. Other Forms of Support via Donations

asufoundationlogoASUHIC welcomes monetary or other ways of gifting, either in support of our general mission or for specific activities, as desired by a prospective donor. A process is in place to handle such donations (with related tax deduction benefits) through the ASU Foundation. Potential donors should first contact the curator Dr. Nico Franz to coordinate this process.

The handling of donations is now diversified and streamlined through a dedicated web-based system that allows donors to contribute to our mission and collection generally, or specifically to support ongoing informatics and outreach projects that benefit the public interest.

Your gift made in cash or by check can be mailed to the ASU Foundation: ASU Foundation; PO Box 2260; Tempe, AZ 85280. All checks should be made payable to ASUF or the ASU Foundation. Please note BioKIC on the memo line of the checks if you wish for your donations to support the ASU Natural History Collections and the affiliated Biodiversity Knowledge Integration Center (BioKIC).