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taxonbytes inaugural post


Welcome to taxonbytes (, the new WordPress-based website and multi-member blog for people, projects, and miscellaneous news and comments in and around the Franz Lab (formerly at in the School of Life Sciences at Arizona State University. taxonbytes – all small letters is the preferred rendering – embodies our new slogan “from specimens to language, logic, and learning”. The latter is meant to reflect the lab’s primary focus on traditional, specimen-based systematics research, leading to improved classifications of insects and other invertebrate taxa. We oversee the future development of ASU’s Hasbrouck Insect Collection (ASUHIC). The lab is furthermore active in a number of biodiversity informatics initiatives such as Symbiota (via SCAN), mx, and the logic-centered Euler Project. Pushing the envelope towards a more knowledge representation and reasoning (KRR) compatible systematic practice is among our central goals. Last not least we are engaged in translating knowledge gained through our work with specimens and in systematics into an innovative outreach program which includes the Arium3D Project.

taxonbytes is intended to be an open, evolving platform that will allow the lab members to interact, interconnect, and showcase our professional endeavors in a virtual setting. Stay put for upcoming content.

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