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Andrew Jansen

M.Sc. Student – Biology

B.Sc. 2011, Entomology – University of Florida

Curriculum Vitae

SCAN Weevil Images

MAJ-smallSynopsis. I joined the Franz Lab at ASU in the summer of 2012. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Entomology from the University of Florida and was subsequently employed at the Florida State Collection of Arthropods. My thesis research focuses on the systematics and evolution (natural history, historical biogeography) of the broad-nosed weevil genus Minyomerus Horn, 1876. This genus presently has eight known species occurring throughout the southwestern United States and adjacent Mexico. In light of my recent efforts to visit research collections and conduct extensive collecting trips, some 10 new species of Minyomerus are on hand. These will be integrated in a phylogenetic revision assembled in mx.



Jansen, M.A. 2013. Colorado Plateau Conference, Flagstaff, AZ. […]

Jansen, M.A. 2013. ESA, Austin, TX. […]