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Photos of the Bad and Ugly Halloween Bug Event

Today’s “Bad and Ugly Halloween Bug Event” at the Museum for Youth in Mesa was a great success and high-quality arthropod- and collection-centered educational outreach program led by Melody Basham and her talented and tireless team. Thanks to all for your wonderful work. We will offer more review of this event later, including photos and videos. In the meantime, here is a sampling of photos of the event.

New taxonbytes T-Shirt designed for outreach program

We have a new ASUHIC / taxonbytes T-shirt, designed by Melody Basham and her team, to be used for upcoming outreach events. Large version here.

The Bad and the Ugly Halloween Bug Event

We are offering a themed outreach event on Saturday, October 26th 10 am to 4 pm, at the Arizona Museum for Youth.

“This Halloween learn about what makes a bad bug BAD. Learn about the deadliest insect and learn something new about those insects and arachnids we often fear from the big to the small. Learn about monster bugs in ancient times, meet some live critters, go on a bug hunt, or go “beyond a bug in a box” as we take a closer look at some collection specimens using augmented reality technology. To experience our augmented reality insects with your own mobile device download the Junaio app here. Further instructions will be provided at the event!”

Support of the ASU Hasbrouck Insect Collection’s outreach program through an award from Virginia M. Ullman Foundation is kindly acknowledged.

Video: Biting bed bug in the lab

Video taken in preparation for an outreach event at the Arizona Museum for Youth.

Bed Bug Feeding, Clip 1, X-23-2013 from taxonbytes on Vimeo.

Weekly reading: Review of parametric methods in historical biogeography

Last week’s reading was a trip “back to the future” into MacArthur & Wilson (1967) style island biogeography – subtracting phylogeny and area cladograms from the equation and concentrating instead on island species richness and carrying capacities as a function of, well…(likely not just history and phylogeny). All this in a Bayesian framework. There was some question whether the current version of MrBayes can support such analyses. Next up for this week, more overview of parametric approaches: Ree, R.H. & I. Sanmartín. 2009. Prospects and challenges for parametric models in historical biogeographical inference. Journal of Biogeography 36: 1211–1220. Available here. 

TDWG 2013: Crowd sourcing and community management capabilities with Symbiota

Presentation sequence in development for the following TDWG 2013 presentation: Franz, N., C. Gries, T. Nash III & E. Gilbert. 2013. Crowd Sourcing and Community Management Capabilities Available within Symbiota Data Portals.

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A RDF primer for biologists by Steven Baskauf

Steven Baskauf of the TDWG-RDF Task Group has produced an easy to understand and rather artistic primer to understanding RDF (Resource Description Framework), a W3C Standard for describing web-based resources in ways legible to both humans and machines. More on the role of RDF in the greater Semantic Web Architecture “stack” is available here.

Hasbrouck Insect Collection reaches 40,000 on-line records

Last week the ASUHIC’s on-line holdings reached the number of 40,000 specimen records – 100% georeferenced – and representing > 80 families, 860 genera, and 2600 species. Prioritized families include Crabronidae, Curculionidae, Formicidae, Mutillidae, and Scarabaeidae all with > 4000 records. We also have ~ 730 high-resolution images on-line. Thanks to our undergraduate students – current and past – for your quality work.